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Please check your document against this document check list before you send document to us. Otherwise, we may charge $5 error correction fee.

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Free China Visa is a Chinese consulate authorized, experiened, fast, and professional visa service agent. We have experienced staff that coordinates with the Chinese Consulate-General on daily routine basis. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We are looking forward to serving your visa needs.

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Where is free China visa( located ?

Free China visa is located in San Francisco bay area and provide quick and professional visa to China for US citizens and non-Chinese citizens in Northern California, Washington, Nevada, Oregon and Alaska state.

Please be advised that you send your visa application or document(s) to the correct office, otherwise, your application may be delayed or even denied. Please check Consular District before you apply your visa application.

Our online step by step instructions will help you get visa by mail as easy as 1 2 3. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once order is successfuly submited. For your convenience, each order will be assigned with a tracking number and you will able to check status from our new Status Track function.

China visa application FAQ:

Please make sure check China Visa Application FAQ for most updated information on document China visa requirements to avoid delay on visa processing.

Free China Visa Sponsor: Hangzhou City

Overview of's sponsor: Hangzhou city. Hangzhou is a city with a rich history and culture, spanning back over 2000 years. The city first made a name for itself in the sixth century, when the Grand Canal opened up and linked the area to other centers of trade such as Suzhou. The Song dynasty helped to make Hangzhou famous when they moved the imperial family here in the 12th Century.

With its inviting views and outstanding scenery, the West Lake soon became popular with numerous artists, poets and painters seeking inspiration in this little bit of "paradise." Learn more >


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